The Great Gatsby setting MAP project

The Great Gatsby Setting Map Project

American Literature

Ms. Craig


Directions: Form small groups of 2-3 and then using the descriptions in the novel, design a map of the setting. Remember that the setting was created in Fitzgerald’s mind and only he knows exactly what it looks like.


Not all groups will create maps that look alike, just like not all students will think a poem is about the same thing. You may use real maps of New York to get situated. Our copy of

the novel does not have the fictional map on the inside cover.



To create a map of the setting used in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby based on the descriptions given in the novel.


Areas Required on Map:


a. East Egg (pgs. 4 – 5)

b. Buchanan’s house (pgs. 6 – 7)

c. West Egg (pgs. 4 – 5)

d. Gatsby’s house (pg. 5)

e. Nick’s house (pg. 5)

f. Long Island Sound (pg. 5)

g. Valley of Ashes (pg. 23)

h. T.J. Eckleberg billboard (pg. 23)

i. Railroad tracks and motor road (pg. 23)

j. Wilson’s garage/house (pgs. 24 -25)

k. New York (pg. 4, 23)

l. Jordan’s aunt’s apartment (pg. 19)

m. Tom and Myrtle’s apartment (pgs. 28 -29)



1. Choose a group of 2 or 3 peers to work with. Make sure they are people you can

   get along with, and make sure they are people who will help you stay on task.

2. Sketch out a rough draft of the map on notebook paper. Remember your map must be

   based upon descriptions from novel.

3. Get the rough draft approved and obtain permission to get a sheet of poster  board.

4. Using various art supplies available in the room, draw your map on the poster board.

   Make sure it is big and colorful and suitable for hanging on the wall.

5. All areas must be clearly labeled. You may choose to use a legend for identification of smaller locations.

6. All members of the group must sign their name in one corner on the front of the map using black marker.





Due Dates:


 Listen carefully and copy down the following due dates…..



*Your rough draft must be done by ____________________________.


*The final draft must be done by ______________________________.





     This map is worth a total of 50 points. All group members must contribute to

earn the same points. If there are students that choose to let their peers do most

of the work, they should expect to earn fewer points. The instructor will be documenting your work habits. Please look over the attached rubric after getting in your groups. Be aware of how you will be assessed before you start the assignment. Fill out top of rubric and turn it in with the final draft of your poster.




Gatsby Map Evaluation


Group Members:________________________________________________


Areas Required — 3 points each:


____East Egg

____Buchanan’s House

____West Egg

____Gatsby’s House

____Nick’s House

____Long Island Sound

____Valley of Ashes

____T.J. Eckleberg Billboard

____Railroad tracks and motor road

____Wilson’s Garage/House

____New York

____Tom and Myrtle’s love nest

____Jordan’s aunt’s apartment



TOTAL — _____/39


____/16  Logical interpretation based on novel


____/5 Easy to read–labeled clearly


____/5 Colorful and pleasing to the eye


____/10 Teamwork — did not argue, all members contributed






GRAND TOTAL   ____/75 = ____%  = _____ points






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